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Holy Hell! Reviews

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This is a community comprised solely of reviews for horror movies. Any and all horror movies can be reviewed, just so long as it's horror related. Don't post a review for "Harry Potter" cause it'll get deleted. Also, just a simple courtesy, if you're review contains spoilers (i.e. gives away plot elements of the movie) please warn the readers up front. An example would be in the subject line:

Review: Halloween (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!!)

Other than that, there's not much to say. Don't get pissed at someone if they have a different opinion of a movie then you. Remember, they're just opinions. Someone else might have hated "Teenage Caveman". Just because you loved it, doesn't mean everyone else does. Post positive reviews, negative reviews, all sorts of reviews. Try not to make them one sentence reviews though because that's kinda a waste.

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